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Dr. Cecilia E. Gerber, Ph. D.
Professor of Physics
University of Illinois - Chicago
845 W Taylor St. # 2270
M/C 273
Chicago, IL, 60607-7059
Phone: (312) 996-2239
Fax: (312) 996-9016
FNAL Phone: (630) 840-8295
e-mail gerber[AT]uic.edu


  • Ph.D. (Physics), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995.
  • Licenciada (Physics), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1990.


  • CMS LPC Distinguished Researcher (2015)
  • LAS Deans Outstanding Faculty Award (2012)
  • UIC Researcher of the Year (2011)
  • Fellow, American Physical Society (2010)
  • University of Illinois Scholar (2010)
  • Fermilab Visiting Scholar (2009)
  • UIC Teaching Recognition award (2009)
  • NSF CAREER award (2003)
    I am a physicist working at the D0 experiment at Fermilab and the CMS experiment at CERN. I am studying the properties of the top quark and contributing to the CMS pixel upgrade. I served as co-convener of the D0 TOP physics group during 2001-2003, and of the D0 SINGLE TOP physics group during 2007-2010. In addition, I contributed to the D0 Layer 0 silicon detector, and to the CMS Silicon Outer Tracker Barrel detector. During Run1, I was convener of the D0 QCDWZ physics group and coordinated the testing effort of the D0 Silicon Microstrip Tracker.

    Fall 2018 teaching: on leave while serving as coordinator of the LHC Physics Center at Fermilab

    CMS Publications

    Top Quark related Publications from D0 Run 2

    QCDWZ related Publications from D0 Run 1

    Silicon Tracker related Publications

    My full list of publications can be found here

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